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How to connect C# to SQL (the easy way)

Learn how to connect to SQL from C# the easy way, using a micro-ORM called Dapper (built by the Stack Overflow team). See how easy it is to get data in and out of SQL without complicated generated code or messy DataTables.

Source Code: https://leadmagnets.app/?Resource=ConnectingCSharpToSQL
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SQL training referenced in the video - https://iamtimcorey.com/p/sql-databases-from-start-to-finish

Timestamps contributed by: Ralfs HBK
0:00 - Intro
0:34 - Data base connection options: ADO, Entity Framework, Dapper
4:53 - Creating Demo Application: Win Forms
6:38 - Demo Database and Data Model
11:23 - Connection string: helper class
14:58 - Adding connection string
19:45 - Using connection string with helper class
22:25 - Recap
22:40 - Creating a UI form for displaying the data
25:24 - Wiring up the UI form: C# code design
30:24 - Wiring up the UI form: list box info
33:57 - Wiring up the UI form: data access from data base with Dapper
43:47 - Wiring up the UI form: debugging and list box bindings
50:05 - Wiring up the UI form: recap and notes on good practice for data access
51:57 - Stored procedures
58:05 - Explaining demo code so far
1:02:46 - Storing in data base: UI form design and wiring
1:08:26 - Storing in data base: C# code
1:15:08 - Storing in data base: Recap
1:16:04 - Summary and concluding remarks
Foufou10 lm : what i did not understand is when inserting data how the new person inserted gonna get the Id even if we did not insert the id ...because it yelling at me and it says 'Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value 'bilal' to data type int.' ....id is an int
Jazz : This tutorial is fantastic, thank you! One question, how do you manage version control when programming with stored procedures? One advantage I see when using Entity Framework is that version control can be managed with C#.
Programming with Jack Chew : can i know this is for beginner first step video to learn the SQL or not?
Arkadiusz Cholewa : What about sql injection when we have a raw sql queries e. g. Tim's Select query to get people?
David Mclean : Great video , really helpful I would only add that its shame you didn't show us the stored procedure for Insert in the video , so we would have had a fully completed app alongside your own . just have to join the dots. I learned alot . thank you Tim :)

VB.NET Tutorial - Connect & Query a Microsoft SQL Server Database - Part 1

In this VB.NET Database Tutorial, I will show you how to connect and query a Microsoft SQL Server database from your Visual Basic .NET application. We will build an improved connection control class for simplified access to our database.

Additionally, we will create a database search feature with wildcard support and populate a DataGridView and ComboBox with a database query.

0:25 Preparing the database
15:34 Creating your application
26:35 Building your SQL Control Class
1:06:00 Using the SQL Control Class
1:09:10 Query SQL to a DataGridView
1:16:33 Building a parameterized search with wildcard support
1:24:04 Populate a ComboBox with SQL Query results
1:30:30 Error Testing


Thank you for your support!
Samir Parikh : Thanks a ton. Your teaching is very good appreciate the way you understand and is really effective. Great Job. God bless you, I had seen many lectures, but your teaching I like the most.
misperry : So how do you use the conneciton override you talked about? I would like to open another form and get user name and password info from user and then when they click the Search button it uses that for the connection. However, I run into lots of problems with not initializing the conenciton string on startup.
Ahmad Hussain Webshare : Thx lot Bro . Very helpful tutorial . God bless you
Anthony Pulse, Jr : You little marvel! You've gone and made functions into programs!!
Anthony Pulse, Jr : I could hug you! GET OUT OF THAT CHAIR AND LET ME!

Asp.net sql server database connection tutorial

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Jai Aznan : nice..simple..briefly.. easy to understand expecially for beginner.. thanks amit
Sakif Rahman : Nice job
LeittWolff : Sir you are my master thank you for this very helpful tutorial please make more tutorials.. like how to create good webdesign or how to connect devices like arduino with the internet etc.
interstellar octopus : helped me get started with .net
thank you!
Govind Mandal : Thanks sir




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