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GamePark Holdings GP2X: The little open source handheld that could

When GamePark split after releasing the GP32 one half of the company went on to produce a wannabe PSP competitor, but the other decided to make a cheaper iterative improvement over the original. They created the GP2X, a fantastically successful open source homebrew and emulation machine.

GP2X software is still available here

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Theme tune: Re-enthused by Onyapatto and Jonn Blanchard
The Farts and Craps Show : I've heard great things about this handheld. Nice video, man!
0xBADCOFFEE : Good memories, I had every single model, from the gp2x mk1 to the second batch, the white one and the wiz, fantastic little machines
DJDanceClassic : Here in Holland they are not that expensive. Saw two selling last year for 30 euros.
I had the GP2X twice and sold them two times. the d-pad is awful. The machine is ok for MD, PC Engine and GB etc..
Not for SNES. I prefer the Wiz (awesome screen!) and the Canoo (awesome build quality).
Thanks for the video!
Vintage Views : I still miss mine, I was looking at getting another one but the prices now... well they have gone up. It must be 15 years since I had one
namcos : I still have mine, including the cradle. I'm missing the tv out though (it's around somewhere....) and I don't have a power pack for it - as I recall, you had to have no more than 2.5milli amps? and the input for it wasn't standard for uk? Anyway, I've recently bought some 3200mah rechargeable batteries so that should be ok. Oh and I still have my copy of Payback! :)

게임파크홀딩스 GP2X 플랫폼 개발 가이드 / 개발 준수 사항

#게임파크홀딩스 #GP2X #GPHconsole

얼마전에 GPH카페에서 어떤유저분이 이걸배포하시길래 제가 이거다운받고 영상찍었습니다ㅎㅎ

[야매 Review] GPH GP2X-F200 살펴보기

F300의 전 모델 F200!
게임용으로 보다는...소장용으로 구매했어요 ㅎㅎ
정수 : 좋아요 구독 누르고 갑니다
ours live : 앞으르 비슷한 기업이 나오지 않는다는 건 여러모로 아쉽네요. 이번편은 시리즈로 소개해서 더 좋았습니다
DP Hi : 아직도 파는구나...
Junyoung Baek : gba게임을 돌리고 싶은데 국산게임기 추천좀 해주세요!
鬼滅の刃 : 아타리쇼크가내년에부활한다는데




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